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Google Plus Infographic

How To Use google+

Google Plus Infographic. Here is a friendly infographic beginners guide to Google+ for businesses and individuals. Perfect for your first month in the Plus!

In its mere two years of existence, Google+ has 500 million users with a reported 359 million active monthly users.  That’s a lot of users and a lot of potential customers and sales.  Those numbers put it at the second largest social media platform, behind only Facebook.  While Facebook is hands down the top network for socializing and sharing all your vacation photos and funny thoughts, Google+ is the best social network for professional use.  In other words, it’s the Facebook for businesses. Most social media experts have predicted 2014 to be the year of Google+.  Let’s take a look at why

How to Use Google Plus for Business

How to Use Google Plus for Business

Google Plus Infographic Credit: BlueGlass


Google+ and Google

Google is the top search engine on the internet.  For this reason alone you shouldn’t overlook Google+.  Content that is shared on Google Plus are indexed by Google’s search engine at a higher rate than other platforms.  This allows you to optimize your SEO, blog and other content.  Google+ also can help provide keywords and key phrases to include in your content to help increase search success.  Through Google analytics they can see what’s working and what’s not and spot trends to help better understand your audience and customers.

Google+ Enhancements

In 2013, Google+ made major upgrades to its network with more expected this year.  Some of these enhancements are:

  • Google+ Hangouts – Hangouts allow for 10 people to interact together
  • Auto-Hashtags – Based on the words in your post or blog, Google+ will figure out appropriate hashtags

Are you using Google Plus to promote your business?

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Google Plus Infographic | For Business
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