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Dawid Martynowski HDR Photography

I’m fascinated by HDR photography It’s my life’s passion and hobby. I devoted every spare moment to gain experience. My passion has allowed me to meet interesting people, discover previously unknown to me things.

I was not expecting so many visitors in my profile, and warm words on my page and comments. Now I have friends all over the world and I love it. I love to share their life experience and I thank the people so that my passion is growing.


On a daily I’m the director of marketing for Company Training, I am responsible for all marketing activities. Guardian’s IT space. Working closely with management by creating and coordinating projects within the company. Not only the common goals but also the companionship and loyalty make way for his new professional challenges. He believes in a healthy balance of work and private life.

Specializes in HDR Photography

Mine of information about the virtual world, seen and heard almost everything, what you find interesting on the Internet. Fascinated Social Media, hunter concept and marketing strategy. Active participant in panel discussion on Internet marketing and new media.

I am ambitious manager who gained their experience, among others. as director of development at a leading publishing house building industry – responsible for the development of thematic portals by Advergaming – a marketing technique consists of creating flash games for brands and products. The essence of action was to get the advertising message by providing entertainment and enjoyment. The creator of unique mobile marketing projects based on the latest mobile phone technologies including; media advertising with Bluetooth, DataMatrix and QR Code.





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